Vendor and Device Selection

EXP First has worked with a multitude of different vendors and varying technologies, allowing us to help find you the right match for the job.

Optimal Design Performance

EXP First is committed to helping our clients meet their targeted design goals and system requirements, while ensuring quality performance utilizing proven methodologies.

Performance Enhancements

In addition to developing new designs for your company, EXP First can help update existing designs to enhance performance.

Design Verification and Analysis

Experience First provides rigorous simulation and verification via Raptor/ISDTM of your design to guarantee it will meet your system requirements. We utilize industry standard tools such as Modeltech and Verilog XL for simulation, static timing analysis, and vector generation. We want to provide our customers first pass success.

ASIC/FPGA and Design Service

Experience First has designed standard cell, full custom ASIC’s. We currently use various design tools and platforms depending on customer or job requirements. Please discuss your requirements with us.