Industry’s First Hardware Simulator

Experience First Corporation is a technology leader in electronic design automation (EDA), providing the first hardware simulation. The EDA industry is competitive and complex. It is imperative that integrated circuit design engineers utilize the most efficient design tools and services available. That’s why we at Experience First are committed to remaining the industry leader in EDA technology. Our mission is to give our customers a competitive advantage by providing them with cutting edge tools like Raptor/ISDTM that will revolutionize the industry. In the EDA market, speed is of the essence. We provide our customers with the ability to move from a design concept into a working silicon faster than their competition. While working with Experience First, an engineer can enjoy the freedom that accompanies verification efficiency unequaled in the semiconductor industry.

CO-DEVELOPING Expectations

Experience First believes in a customer-centered approach to designing developed specifications. Our first meeting with you establishes a good working relationship via open dialog, and identifies your design needs as well as your overall and specific expectations of Experience First. Next, we match your needs with our areas of expertise and determine, primarily, if Experience First is the design service provider for you. We will enlighten you as to Experience First’s other areas of expertise that might be of use to you on this project . Subsequent meetings would vary in agenda according to your requirements. However, the objective of the earlier meetings is to acquire the design specifications in order to move into the design phase of the project.

Value Added Services

We measure our success by the level of client satisfaction. While client satisfaction usually is defined as meeting client expectations, our definition is meeting and exceeding our clients expectations. In addition to our normal standards of excellence in design, we also offer our clients: On site, design-in consulting Post design technical support Both of which empower us to take your design from specification through test insertion, timing and subsequent client support. This enables you to maintain the high standards of excellence and support that you normally provide to your clients.