Raptor consists of Avnet’s Virtex Development System, a PCI backplane interface (power is included on the backplane for the Virtex Board)

ASIC Design

Digital ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) are at the core of ALL modern Information Technology.

DSM Solutions

EXP First has worked with a multitude of different vendors and varying technologies, allowing us to help find you the right match for the job.


Welcome to Experience First, Inc. Utilizing Raptor/ISDTM in any available designs helps us become a complete prototype solution; therefore, we are your one stop solution for your time to market needs. We not only provide the cores our clients desire, but the expertise to implement them into their design. And by providing complete prototype solutions, our clients experience timely success in a manner high above industry standards. We work closely with all clients to ensure success founded on a strong customer relationship. As we continue to grow, we will strive to provide the benchmark for excellence. Our expertise is unmatched. Our efficiency is unequaled. We welcome you to enjoy our site, and appreciate any feedback.